Hello and Welcome

I love food. I love the way all of your senses work together when you eat. I love trying new flavours, I love experimenting in the kitchen and above all, I love sharing food. Growing up, my family was somewhat of an oddity in this day and age – we still ate together every night around the dinner table. The majority of my socialising revolves around eating – grabbing brunch, meeting for lunch, going out for dinner, hosting BBQs.

However, life often gets in the way of cooking. Working full time, fitting in the gym, household chores, maintaining relationships, and trying to squeeze in a little downtime means that I fall in to cooking ruts. I’ve started making a point of trying something new at least once a week – this can be in the form of a new ingredient, or a whole new recipe. This blog will chronicle some of my attempts at spicing up our food life – both with fancy ‘impress the socks off someone’ recipes and simple last-minute dishes. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration to some of you as I have been inspired by so many other people’s blogs and recipes!

As a little disclaimer - I don’t profess to be a great cook. I haven’t had any training. But, I think I have a pretty good sense of what tastes good together, and I’m willing to try new things. So I don’t always get it right, it’s not always pretty, but I absolutely love the experience.

I am now married to someone whose love of food and sense of family equals my own. It is an absolute delight to cook for someone who shares these passions and discover new tastes together. Like a lot of you, the kitchen is the heart of our home, and he calls me his Skamp. So welcome to Skamp’s Kitchen.
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